Howdy! My name is Ellie Dalena, and I’m the proud founder of Barks and Rec, a dog boarding and daycare facility located right here in the heart of College Station, Texas.

My journey into the world of canine companionship began right here at Texas A&M University, where I not only received a top-notch education but also fell head over paws for this wonderful town and its warm, welcoming spirit. The maroon and white have always held a special place in my heart, and I am beyond excited to bring my passion for dogs and this community together in one delightful venture.
For as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around dogs. It’s not just the love I have for them; it’s the genuine joy I find in working with these incredible creatures. My fascination with our furry friends began when I adopted my first dog, Lucy, from the Aggieland Humane Society. She was not just my loyal companion; she became my biggest inspiration for starting this business.

Barks and Rec isn’t just another dog boarding and daycare facility; it’s a haven where dogs find a second home, filled with love, care, and the same sense of belonging I experienced right here in College Station. Every decision, every design, every detail is infused with the same warmth and sophistication that define this town and its people.

When your beloved canine companions step through our doors, they’re not just guests; they’re cherished members of our extended family. Our experienced and dedicated team is here to ensure they receive the best care, attention, and love while you’re away. From spacious play areas for them to frolic and make new friends to cozy, comfortable accommodations for their peaceful slumber, we’ve thought of every detail to make their stay exceptional.

So, whether you’re heading out of town for a weekend getaway or simply need a safe, stimulating environment for your furry friend during the day, Barks and Rec is here to provide the care and companionship your dog deserves. We’re more than just a pet care service; we’re a community of dog lovers, just like you.

Thank you for considering Barks and Rec for your four-legged family member’s needs. I can’t wait to welcome your precious pups into our loving pack and continue to celebrate the Aggie spirit that brought me to College Station all those years ago.

Here’s to wagging tails, joyful barks, and a lifetime of canine camaraderie!

Warmly, Ellie Dalena

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