At Barks & Rec, we had the absolute pleasure of fostering Ruby, an incredible Blue Heeler mom, and her adorable litter of pups for Aggieland Humane Society. As Mother’s Day approached, we aimed to spread love and joy by hosting a special adoption event on Sunday, May 12th. Our goal was simple: to find Ruby and her puppies their forever homes.

The event was a delightful success! Families from all around came to meet Ruby and her “Bluey” puppies, eager to welcome them into their homes. The air was filled with excitement, anticipation, and the joyful barks of puppies playing and meeting potential new owners.

We’re thrilled to share that Ruby and seven of her precious Blue Heeler pups have been adopted and two went to a cattle dog foster agency to be adopted! Each of them has found a loving family, ready to provide the care and affection these sweet dogs deserve. Seeing these wonderful animals start their new lives with their forever families has truly been heartwarming.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the event. Special thanks to Aggieland Humane Society for their dedication to animal welfare. Ruby and her puppies’ journey from fostering to finding permanent homes is a testament to the power of community and compassion.

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Visit our friends at Aggieland Humane Society:

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