At Barks & Rec Dog Daycare, we’re turning February into a month of love and furry festivities! Get ready for an exciting lineup of events and photo ops that will make tails wag and hearts melt.

1st – Coffee Date: Start the month with a cozy treat! Your pup can enjoy a special “coffee date” with bone broth served in an adorable mug – the perfect way to warm up those winter days.

2nd – Competition Day (Relay Races, etc.) Let the games begin! Join us for a day filled with friendly competition, including relay races and other exciting challenges. It’s a chance for your pup to showcase their skills and athleticism.

5th – Homemade Dog Treats Treat your four-legged friend to a delightful culinary experience with our homemade dog treats. We believe in pampering your pets with the best, and what’s better than tasty, lovingly crafted treats?

6th – Show & Tell (Dogs Bring Their Favorite Dog Toy) Let your pup flaunt their favorite toy! Our show-and-tell event allows your furry friend to display their cherished possessions, providing a glimpse into their playful personalities.

7th – Writing Love Letters: Spread the love with a heartfelt touch! Your pup will do a “writing workshop” and write you a sweet Valentines day note

8th – Movie Day: We’ll snuggle up with your pup for a movie day featuring the classic “Lady and the Tramp.”

9th – Ice Cream Social: Treat your pup to a sweet indulgence with our ice cream social. They can enjoy dog-friendly frozen delights, making it a paw-licking good time.

12th – Kissing Booth Photo Shoot: Capture the love in the air with our adorable kissing booth.

13th – $10 Tuesday Enjoy a special offer on this Tuesday – all daycare services are just $10! It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Barks & Rec family.

14th – Doggie Date Night (Playdate, During the Day Obviously) Valentine’s Day isn’t just for humans! Let your pup enjoy a special playdate during the day, surrounded by their furry friends.

15th – Best Dressed Award (Dogs Wear Their Fav Sweaters/Shirts) Let your pup showcase their fashion sense! Dress them up in their favorite sweaters or shirts, and they might just win the title of Best Dressed.

16th – Valentine’s Day Themed Lick Mats Lick away the day with our Valentine’s Day themed lick mats. These interactive treats will keep your pup entertained and satisfied.

19th – Trick Showcase (Dogs Show Off Their Best Tricks) Show off your pup’s impressive skills in our trick showcase! Whether it’s rolling over or high-fiving, let your dog shine.

20th – Dog-Friendly Wine Tasting Indulge in a dog-friendly wine tasting experience – minus the alcohol! Your pup can enjoy a variety of tasty, non-alcoholic “wines” in a social setting.

21st – Spa Day (Nail Trim, Cologne, Bandana) Pamper your pup with a spa day that includes a nail trim, a spritz of cologne, and a stylish bandana. It’s the perfect way to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best.

22nd – Game Day (Puzzles, Seek & Treats, etc.) Challenge your pup’s intellect with a day filled with puzzles, seek-and-treat games, and other brain-teasing activities.

23rd – Valentine’s Day Themed Kongs Let your pup enjoy a special treat with our Valentine’s Day themed Kongs – a combination of play and tasty rewards.

26th – Valentine’s Day Themed Picnic (Charcuterie Board) Picnic time! Join us for a special Valentine’s Day-themed picnic featuring a delectable charcuterie board for your pup to enjoy.

27th – Berry Smoothies (Frozen Treats in a Cup) Cool down with our berry smoothies – frozen treats perfect for a refreshing indulgence.

28th – Adventure Day (Go on a Walk) Wrap up the month with an adventurous walk. Explore the outdoors with your furry companion and create lasting memories together.

29th – Special Valentine’s Day Bandana: End the month with a special treat – a Valentine’s Day bandana for your pup to wear proudly.

Don’t miss out on these exciting events at Barks & Rec! Have your pup join our pack today!

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